Midsun Business Solutions - Accountants & Auditors

Forensic Accounting Services

  • We provide detailed examination and analysis of all financial accounts in realtion to Insurance Claims which might be presented at the courts as legal evidence for all legal matters;
  • We specialize in providing professional reports in assisting solicitors and barristers to prepare the forensic files for Family Law matters;
  • We are experienced in utilising the latest computer technology to detect all possible frauds and misconducts in the corporate accounts for any financial matters.

Matrimonial & Family - Forensic Accounting

  • Advising on the value of business whether it is a company, partnership or sole trader;
  • Assisting in gather evidence and the identification of any assets;
  • Our contracted tax specialists can advise on tax issues such as Capital Gains Tax;
  • Advising on specific areas such as pension and retirement benefits;
  • Advising in settlement negotiations, including of establishment of trusts and SMSFs.

Business Disputes

  • Providing independent business valuations;
  • Giving expert determinations;
  • Assisting with negotiations at mediation or in the lead up to trial;
  • Producing reliable, persuasive and credible expert testimony;
  • Investigating financial statements;
  • Providing expert opinions on a wide variety of matters from the fairness of dividend policies to the value of work in progress;
  • Commenting on the commercial value of relative contributions by different partners/directors;
  • Preparing dissolution accounts;
  • Giving tax advice by our contracted tax specialists on the consequences of settlement options.

Criminal Offences - Forensic Accounting

Our accounting professionals act in criminal cases, for both the Prosecution and Defence, including Theft, False Accounting, Money Laundering, Fraud, Corporations Act I Insolvency Act offences, Counterfeiting and Cheating the Australian Federal and States Governments.

Insurance Claims

Our accounting professionals offer services to an Insured in claims under their Insurance Policy in regard to the assessment of quantum generally and negotiating with Insurers.

Personal Injury - Forensic Accounting

  • The input of an expert forensic accountant may be necessary if the solicitor is to fulfil his/her duties to his/her client.
  • There is clearly a case for using forensic accountants where the claimant was self­ employed and had a varying pattern of earnings before the accident. For the purpose of the claim, the post-accident profits of the business need to be evaluated;
  • Forensic accountants are able to prepare the Schedule of Special Damages, if required;
  • Claims for loss of pension are calculated in different ways because of the wide range of pension arrangements that are available. A forensic accountant will be able to assist the claimant to identify their true capital requirements and their true income needs. These may both differ considerably from the amounts that they are eligible to claim.

Professional Negligence - Forensic Accounting

In accountancy negligence cases our accounting professionals providing evidence on liability as well as quantum and are well able to deal with the assessment of standards of professional competence

We are also experienced in advising on cases of alleged negligence by other professionals including solicitors, patent agents, medical practitioners, surveyors, architects or engineers. In such cases we can provide an opinion on the quantum of loss likely to have flowed from the alleged negligent act.