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Canadian Pacific Railway

Canadian Pacific Railway yesterday abandoned its nearly $US30 billion pursuit of Norfolk Southern.

Boeing has opened talks to sell aircraft to Iran

Boeing has opened talks to sell aircraft to Iran following the lifting of Western sanctions on the country in January.

Chinese direct investment in the US

Chinese direct investment in the US economy is set to reach a record this year due to a wave of deals.

Chinese capital outflow slows down

A slowdown in Chinese capital outflows should allay fears of a disorderly depreciation in the Chinese yuan.

US Gov investigates aluminium trade

The US International Trade Commission will investigate the global aluminium trade and its impact on the US industry.

Putin denies Panama papers

Vladimir Putin last night described the Panama papers as part of Western plot against Russia.

The winners of Arrium's fall

Private equity could be the big winners from Arrium’s fall into administration, one of Australia’s biggest collapses.

Chinese property developers in Canada

Chinese residential developers are expanding in Canada, partly through their appeal to local buyers of Chinese descent.

Singapore Airlines gets the chance to expand

Singapore Airlines has seized on the ownership uncertainty surrounding Virgin by upping its stake in the airline.

Iceland's PM steps down

The Panama Papers scandal has claimed its first victim as Iceland’s PM Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson steps down.